Committed to achieving excellence, AirLogix is the go-to company for all your Commercial Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Thermal Inspection and Ultrasonic Testing needs. Our team works together to provide our clients with exceptional service whilst always maintaining quality workmanship.

AirLogix Air Conditioning
AirLogix - General Services

AirLogix - General Services - Commercial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

General Services

Airlogix specialises in repairs maintenance and installation of Commercial HVAC and Refrigeration plants in Mackay and the surrounding area. We currently service and maintain Chilled water systems, CRAC units, VRF and VRV systems, Package systems, Compressed Air dryers, Medical Vaccine fridges, Cold Rooms and Freezer rooms.

We have extensive knowledge programming and maintaining of BMS systems such as Innotech to fine tune your system saving you energy and creating a healthy Building.

Specialized Services

Infrared Surveys and Air Borne/Structure Borne Ultrasound

The use of Infrared and Ultrasonic equipment allows us to identify anomalies in electric motors, bearings, pulleys, heat exchanges in both heating and cooling coils. Air leaks on ductwork, compressors, refrigerant leaks and blockages and insulation breakdown on ductwork and pipe work.

Due to the ambient conditions in North Queensland, HVAC systems often generate condensation causing water leaks and moisture problems in buildings. Infrared is an excellent tool to determine the source and origin of the leak. Infrared can also be used to locate hot or cold pipes in walls, insulation breakdown in walls and ceilings along with energy leaks through doors and windows.

Thermography surveys of electrical infrastructure is recommended by most insurers on an annual or bi-annual basis. Airlogix delivers high quality, accurate reports on any anomalies within your electrical assets, including mechanical services distribution boards, motor control circuits and electrical components within the refrigeration and air conditioning plant.

AIRLOGIX has invested in the highest quality of UE Systems ultrasonic equipment to carry out condition monitoring with the use of Infrared and Ultrasonic, with outstanding results.

Ultrasonic testing is exceptional for detecting lubrication issues and bearing faults on mobile and fixed plant with particular success in low RPM rotating equipment.

Also detecting leaks in compressed air, Inert gas and vacuum systems can save large amounts of energy and equipment maintenance costs.

AirLogix - Infrared - Compressor - Electric Motor Bearings
AirLogix - Maintenance Agreements

AirLogix - Maintenance Agreements

Maintenance Agreements

In tandem with our breakdown service we currently have numerous maintenance agreements with customers which allows for a proactive approach to equipment management rather than the sometimes costly reactive work.

These agreements are built based on inspection and equipment appraisal which allows us to formulate custom service agreements specific to our client’s requirements and situation.
Often recommendations from regular servicing are used for future work scheduling and budgetary planning

Steven Erichsen - AirLogix - Mackay - Air Conditioning - Refrigeration - Maintenance

Steven Erichsen


AirLogix is directed by Steven Erichsen. He has over 27 years of experience in all areas of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, both locally in the Mackay region as well as Australia wide and Overseas. Steven is well known in the industry for his expertise in solving problematic air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

AirLogix provides the best quality technical advice and support in the Mackay region. We specialise in high level diagnostics of Air Conditioning systems that gets results that last, ensuring our customers get the best performance from their equipment.
Our installation services include equipment sizing, supply and installation, control configuration and commissioning to ensure correct operation and customer satisfaction.

At AirLogix we advise you on what Air-conditioning system will meet your specific needs by conducting a business analysis, including a load calculation that will help match the correct system for your business.

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